Smart Transportation

Traffic Police Smart Transportation Platform Scheme


      With the big data analysis and decision-making platform as the core, three application systems are constructed: urban dynamic traffic analysis, urban static traffic analysis and traffic safety & risk analysis. It will technically assist the relevant government departments to grasp the development and operation of transportation in a timely, accurate and comprehensive manner, scientifically formulate transportation strategic policies and lay out transportation organization plans. All of these will effectively evaluate the practice and theory of transportation policy, control traffic signal strategies and police services, and enhance the scientific informatization of transportation construction, operation management and public service.

Overall Objective:

    The "Management Cloud" uses high-performance servers and storage devices to build a unified resource and big data computing platform, which can provide basic environmental services for the upper layer. Internal data integration, industry data convergence, information sources expansion and unified data standard construction will be conducted to format the high-speed management of data assets. The data model will be established to carry out trend prediction and traffic flow analysis and data collection for information development, research, utilization and sharing. Intelligence information dominates management, realizing accurate order and distribution, scientific operation analysis, swift action and law enforcement, and convenient public service.  


  The three core functions of the "Management Cloud" are:

1. "Urban Dynamic Traffic Analysis" mainly completes the information analysis, service and application sharing for traffic management departments, the public and other third parties.
2. "Urban Static Traffic Analysis" mainly completes the information sharing and integration of urban static traffic information by government traffic departments. 
3. "Urban Traffic Safety & Risk Analysis" aims to analyze and prevent traffic risks of people, vehicles and roads, which can comprehensively evaluate traffic safety, relevant factors and injury mechanism of accidents and traffic safety index.  

System Characteristics: 

1. System with massive integration. It has collected massive resource data such as traffic bureau, public security bureau, urban management bureau, IOT, internet, etc.

2. Data correlation. It highly values data correlation analysis and sparks divergent thinking.

3. Data-driven alarm. Data-driven intelligence leads analysis, judgment and accurate early warning.

Typical Cases:

Wuhu Traffic Police Smart Transportation Platform Project


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