Smart Security

Smart Prevention and Control Plan for Smart Communities


With the booming economy and thriving migrant population, the rural residents are flowing into cities in large quantities, and the public security is becoming more and more serious. The public order, personal and property safety, population information and so on that go to the grassroots communities are becoming more and more complicated. 

At present, community public safety mainly depends on video monitoring system. Video monitoring probes are mainly mounted on road with gun-shape or ball-shape cameras. Although low-point monitoring covers a wide area, it is limited within 5 ~ 100m sight distance, failing to meet the requirements of large-scale, over-the-horizon and all-weather accurate monitoring.  

If the community's public security protection only relies on traditional measure to provide high-definition images, it is far away from satisfaction currently. Modern community management should aim at multiple comprehensive applications such as people, cars, events and public wellbeing. Advanced intelligent analysis technology should be adopted to build a set of comprehensive three-dimensional security monitoring system, which includes verification of personnel identity information, real-time deployment of key personnel, daily supervision of migrant population, vehicle information supervision and event-oriented rapid response security mechanism.

In addition, the traditional video monitoring management platform can meet the daily monitoring requirements of equipment management, image preview, video playback and so on, but the visualization is undesirable. In the face of mass incidents, they are unable to visually display the overall landscape, public facilities, fire emergency information, monitoring resource information, etc. of the community and its surrounding areas, and unable to balance the whole and the part. It cannot give a real-scene sense and is low in commanding efficiency.   

Therefore, it is necessary to build a set of intelligent, visual and highly integrated comprehensive security management system which serves as the “guardian” for community public safety. 

Overall Objective

1. Maintain Public Order and Create Civilized Communities

Build a three-dimensional prevention and control system, draw on the advanced concepts of the three-dimensional system for social security at home and abroad, tap into the actual needs of community security management, social public event management, emergency dispatch and command, etc., use advanced and mature technologies and equipment such as augmented reality, machine vision technology, in-depth learning technology, information management, etc., and build a visual system with sharing of basic resources, standardized interfaces, good scalability and high integration. All of these are indispensable to build scientific prevention and construction of grass-roots public security management, promote the scientific and technological management in intelligent communities, and improve the social management and community technologies and the overall image.

2. Emergency Command and Efficient Decision-Making

The system can collect video, vehicle, personnel dynamic access, security personnel positioning, social management sector and other information for visual display, efficient query, network management. It gives full play to the comprehensive effect of the system, implement real-time dynamic scheduling and real-time dynamic processing, which can greatly improve the control and response capabilities of various public emergency events in the community.

3. Refined Management for Public Wellbeing

After the completion of the system, the overall pattern of "pre-prevention, prevention, fighting, management and control" of social security will be effectively constructed. In addition, the system combined with the sub-health data collection terminal can effectively monitor and prevent the daily vital signs of the elderly in the community, improve the sense of security of the average people, and make a breakthrough leap in social security and community management. 


The stereoscopic prevention and control system takes high-point monitoring as the core, augmented reality technology as the means, and integrates low-point human face collection resources, vehicle collection resources, 4G law enforcement recorder, video monitoring and other resources into a whole to achieve a unified effect with an overall view. 

1. Front-end High Point Monitoring Subsystem  

The front-end monitoring subsystem realizes high-point monitoring of large scenes through augmented reality cameras, and links with low-point common cameras to perform close-up monitoring on local areas and automatically track, monitor and shoot suspicious targets. By using augmented reality smart tags, video linkage and other technologies, a three-dimensional prevention and control system is realized that links and dispatches low-point monitoring resources to track and observe details.  

2. Face Recognition Subsystem

The face comparison and recognition system uses face detection and recognition technology to capture face photos from high-definition monitoring video images, analyze face characteristics in real time, quickly complete the comparison and recognition of face photos and blacklists of back-end databases, and can give alarm prompts. At the same time, it can also set up functional applications such as people number statistics, personnel residence time limit, etc. to realize intelligent video monitoring.  

3. Recognition Subsystem for Entry-exit Vehicle License Plate 

It applies license plate recognition technology, automatic gate system, gate terminal, LED screen and others to integrate and achieve intelligent control of entry-exit vehicles. The number plate, entry and exit time and park time of each vehicle can be automatically captured, and a blacklist library can be set up. If the passing car plate number matches with the blacklist database, the car will be denied entrance, thus giving effective management of vehicle entering and exiting the community.   

4. Wireless Sub-surveillance Health Monitoring and 4G Law Enforcement Recorder

High-tech bracelet for detecting sub-health of human body based on quantum entanglement effect. The built-in biological wave "quantum induction device" generates resonance disturbance with human biological waves by emitting signals with special frequencies, then collects texture effects and feeds them back to the cloud server, and finally obtains the current physiological status of the human body through a special operation mode. 

The 4G law enforcement record is internally provided with a GPS. When the security personnel carry the law enforcement recorder, the monitoring center can view the current position of the security personnel in real time and carry out video linkage.


1. Three-dimensional Monitoring and High-Low Point Alignment

The high-point prevention and control mechanism carries out overall monitoring, and can give bird view over roads, entrances and exits, public facilities and the like of the whole community on the monitoring screen. If disputes or emergencies are found, the low-point prevention and control system of the incident site can be found on the video screen immediately through video relay for quick adjustment. In addition, through the intelligent tag technology of the high-point prevention and control unit, static tags and dynamic tags can be added on the video screen. Tag retrieval, positioning, target measurement, orientation perception and the like can be supported, on-site command and scheduling can be assisted, and global control and local control can be realized.  

2. Community Space Visualization

By aerially overlooking the ground, the system can give an overview of the whole community and create visualization of real-life space. Combined with augmented reality technology, the system can visually display the data of the community and its surrounding roads, bus stops, fire exits, floor numbers, etc.                            

3. Video-Based Security Forces Distribution

The system supports the real-time visual security force dispatching function. The GPS mapping by docking the handheld communication terminal carried by the security guards, can locate the specific position of the security guards in the video images in real time. When monitoring personnel find unexpected situations in the daily video patrol, they can quickly and intuitively understand the video and position information through the video images, and timely notify the security guards on duty for processing. The commander can click on the tag to obtain relevant information of the security guards on duty for personnel deployment and video linkage. 

4. Low-point Intelligent Face Recognition

The front-end face information collection combines the back-end face recognition, auxiliary gateway, intelligent analysis and others, which can realize the functions of face comparison recognition and abnormal behavior analysis. Once suspects or events are found, the front-end face information collection will immediately trigger the alarm to be sent to the command and dispatch desk of the system, so as to assist the security personnel to handle abnormal events in time and improve the command and dispatch efficiency.  

5. Low-point Intelligent Vehicle Identification 

The front-end vehicle collection part combined with the rear-end auxiliary gateway detection host can gather vehicle features, including vehicle license plate, vehicle body color, vehicle type and vehicle brand, which can be displayed on the interface of the system command and dispatching console in real time, thus obtaining intelligent video monitoring. 

6. Resident and Migrant Population Information Management

The system can query the resident and migrant population information of each building unit. By clicking on the augmented reality tag, the system can intuitively find the household information of each floor, such as the name of household, contact information, family members, whether there are any important elderly and children under custody, etc. 

Through the system, the migrant population can also be managed in a unified way, the information of visitors and tenants can be entered into the system platform, and the augmented reality label can automatically pop up during video patrol the contact information, working place, name, social relation, etc.

7. Alarm of Population Statistics

The system integrates the face recognition function and uses advanced deep learning algorithm to accurately grasp the information of personnel entering and leaving each unit building in the community. At the same time, it makes intelligent statistics on the number of personnel in each unit in each time period. Through comparison with the number of resident population, the system can give an alarm when the number of personnel suddenly increases, so that security personnel and residents can be alerted. 

8. Alarm of People Lingering Over Time Threshold  

Based on the in-depth application of face recognition function, the system installs two face capture machines, which can accurately record the time when people enter and leave. Through the interval between entry and exit, the person staying duration in the building unit was automatically calculated. When the set threshold is exceeded, an alarm will be prompted to remind the security personnel to pay close attention. 

9. Health Management for the Elderly

The system can carry out data exchange with the quantum bracelet sub-monitoring detection terminal, and detect the high-tech intelligent bracelet of human sub-health according to quantum entanglement effect. The built-in biological wave "quantum induction device" generates resonance disturbance with human biological waves by emitting signals with special frequencies, collects texture effects and feeds them back to the cloud server, and obtains the current physiological conditions of the human body through special operation modes, including physiological routines, intestines and stomach, liver and gall, trace elements, tumor immunity, hypertension, psychological routines, cervical vertebrae, cranial nerves, traditional Chinese medicine constitutions and other modules. In order to make it easy for users to understand, it is simply divided into three colors, green, yellow and red, which respectively represent the health, sub-health and sub-health warning of the current physiological status. As a safe, harmless, non-invasive, painless, simple and convenient wearable product, it can monitor the trend of our health status for a long time and play the role of "prevention + management" in health. 

10. Comprehensive Integration of Multi-service Systems

        The highly integrated security management can simultaneously call face recognition, license plate recognition, sub-health management, video monitoring and perimeter prevention alarm in the video picture. The systems can be switched quickly and can be used in a single-interface environment for convenient cooperation and comprehensive application, thus greatly improving the prevention and control efficiency.

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