Smart Transportation

Expressway Smart Transportation Solution


      It aims to provide intelligent system for expressway network monitoring, communication, no-stop toll collection system and expressway & tunnel. The scope of work include system design, equipment supply, shipment, installation, commissioning, opening, trial, training, data, delivery, warranty, spare parts and other work items. It will build up a desirable and reliable system. The traffic monitoring consists of subsystems of computer, traffic, CCTV surveillance, traffic event detection, cable broadcasting and a public streaming distribution.

Overall Objective:

In order to ensure the traffic safety after the opening and operation of the expressway, the high-speed electromechanical system includes three major systems: namely the communication system, toll collection system and monitoring system. Since the system was built and put into operation, the system has been running well and stably, providing great help for expressway operation and management.


1. Improve the traffic capacity and traffic operation efficiency. Benefits mainly include: (1) Increasing the total mileage of vehicle trips on the expressway; (2) Accelerating the travel and cutting the time; (3) Cutting the time delay and traffic accident response time; (4) Decreasing car stop times; (5) Increase the vehicle occupancy rate and the predictability of travel time. 
        2. Improve the traffic safety. Benefits mainly include: (1) Reducing traffic accidents and casualties; (2) Decreasing the occurrence of secondary accidents; (3) Cutting the economic losses caused by accidents; (4) Accelerating the recovery of traffic accidents; (5) Lessening the fatigue of drivers and passengers.   
     3. Reduce traffic energy consumption and pollution. Benefits mainly include: (1) Improving the use efficiency of automobile fuel and reducing the consumption time of fuel; (2) Reducing the pollution of automobile exhaust and noise to the environment. 
   4. Improve the transportation production capacity. Benefits mainly include: (1) Increasing driving speed to bring economic benefits to transportation enterprises and transportation services, increase passenger and freight volume and reduce transportation cost; (2) Improving the timeliness of arrival and delivery to attract new customers. 
   5. Intensify the comfort and convenience of travel. Benefits mainly include: (1) Reducing the fatigue of drivers and passengers by making the driving more comfortable; (2) Facilitating travelers to arrange travel plans in advance. 
   6. Accelerate the speed of fund recovery. Benefits mainly include: (1) Increasing the traffic capacity and profit, and speed up the fund recovery; (2) Preventing cheating induced missed toll collection and missed payment.

Typical Cases:

East Section of Chengdu Second Ring Expressway Project
Transportation Bureau of Handan City Highway Project
Nanjing Yangtze River Fourth Bridge Project
Guangxi Lingfeng-Babu Highway Project

Zhejiang Zhuyong Expressway Construction Project


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